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The Switch: from Ideal Protein to Pro Energy

In 2014, Adelle Dionne of Simply Ideal and Katherine Kushniruk of Advanced Solutions made an educated decision to offer their clients something new. It's something new both during their clients' weight loss journeys, but also something that goes beyond the weight loss itself. The pair had operated in the weight loss industry, offering the Ideal Protein product line and protocol, for 4 years; but now, they are excited about offering an advanced protein program that takes it one step further. While not an easy decision, Adelle and Katherine's research simply showed that Pro Energy is a program which is, simply put, better suited to their clients' needs.

Both Katherine and Adelle could see their clients needed something different, something with more education for lasting results, a program offering a more balanced approach (permitting fruit, cheese, exercise etc.) to weight loss for better future success, all with the same great results: losing approximately 2-5 pounds per week.

A Better Fit

 Weight Loss is not a one-size-fits-all, and that quickly becomes apparent after trying to fit everybody into the same rigid system only to see varied levels of success. And so Adelle, Katherine, and their coaches have received training and education in customizing plans to meet dietary and medical needs that fit busy lifestyles. Thanks to this training, both clinics are now poised to offer customized, personalized plans for on-going dietary needs best suited to each individual. The Pro Energy program creates an understanding of the role that proteins, fats and carbohydrates play, not only in weight loss, but also in weight maintenance: a dietary ‘re-education’ of sorts. Clients learn how to read labels and make choices that will lead to long-term success (an invaluable education valued by doctors and dieticians). “I learned so much on this new plan, I’ve changed my grocery shopping and it has resulted in my children paying attention to what I shop for… who knew that a banana had 22 grams of carbohydrates: that's 5 and a half teaspoons of sugar!” says Belinda, who has already lost 35 pounds on the new program.

Beyond the Weight Loss

These ladies along with several others across the province work together as a community to provide exceptional service and support. All clinics and also clients have access to trained professional nurses to help support the journey. “The teaching they offer is invaluable and new!” says Rita a client who has lost 60lbs on this new program.

In addition to the weight loss coaching, meal and menu planning, and body composition analysis, both Simply Ideal and Advanced Solutions are proud to offer retail product to anyone wanting to supplement their diet, learn more about taking a healthy approach to food, or simply meet for educational or motivational support.

The clinics carry 43 gluten-free, 23 soy-free, and 60 lactose-sensitive, high-protein food options along with many other low-carb and health-oriented products.

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Why we switched from Ideal Protein to Pro Energy