Body Composition Analysis/Health Scan

Part of the Deal

Simply Ideal and Advanced Solutions Weight Loss both offer a weekly Body Composition/Health Scan analysis to all clients free of charge.

“It’s more than just lbs lost” says Lori a faithful client with 44lbs and 37 inches lost in 2.5 months. “I love seeing my body fat percentage and visceral fat go down even if my weight didn’t move that week” says Lisa a client with 31.5 lbs and 34.5 inches lost in 2 months.

“I love coming in every month on maintenance to make sure my hydrations levels, visceral fat and body fat are staying the same. These scores have helped me maintain” Carrie who lost 28lbs and 31.5 inches in 3 months.

Body composition analysis/health scan

More Information for Better Results

These clinic locations strive to educate clients on more than just pounds. Clients receive weekly explanations on what has happened in the weeks results. For example: If the muscle density and bone mass decreased it’s a great sign of ketosis and the glycogen reserves have been used and the body is burning fat. If the hydration levels drop, the muscle volume will drop and the body fat percentage will increase.

Hydration is key in weight loss!

When a client is done the program the scale will provide the client with the correct amount of calories (carbs) to maintain the new weight.


Family Physicians have loved seeing the analysis report from where one of their patients began and where they are on their journey or at the end. We can provide you with these reports to share!

Body Composition Analysis in Regina