Pro Energy foods...

so delicious, it's ALMOST cheating!

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Perfect for a busy lifestyle

Most of our products require little-to-no preparation in convenient packaging so you can bring them anywhere.

Quality, high-protein foods

Pro Energy products allow you to lose or maintain your weight without feeling deprived. Love your chocolate? No problem...indulge!

Gluten-free food options

More than 50 of our delicious Pro Energy foods contain no gluten.

Lactose friendly

35 products contain no lactose or only trace amounts of lactose


25 of our great products are soy-free


Genestra and Walden Farms

Genestra-brand Vitamins & Supplements

While our clients achieve their weight loss goals by changes to diet and lifestyle, the Pro Energy program does incorporate a handful of vitamins and supplements.

We recommend Genestra because of their lack of sugary fillers and high bio-availablity, meaning your body is able to absorb and utilize a large portion of each dose.

Because of this, Genestra is one of the few lines of product commonly agreed-upon and recommended by doctors, especially those with a naturopathic background.

(Guaranteed to contain no added wheat, yeast, gluten, soy, artificial colouring or flavouring, antimicrobial preservatives or dairy products)

Walden Farms

For 40 years, Walden Farms has provided healthy alternatives to the usual fat & sugar-filled dressings, sauces, and dips. All Walden Farms products are gluten-free, sugar-free, with zero calories, carbs, and fat.