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3 Different Options

The Pro Energy weight loss protocol is not a one-size-fits-all solution to weight loss. Your coach will individualize your program based on health, activity level, habits, and needs.

Balanced Approach Permits Fruit & Cheese

Pro Energy weight loss clients can integrate fruit, cheese, and even the occasional drink into their program while still losing weight.

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More than 65 FDA Approved Foods

Pro Energy clients enjoy a wide variety of foods while losing weight. Don't want to give up chips, cake, chocolate, or cereal? Simple: don't.

  • Eat breakfast staples like cereal, pancakes, oatmeal
  • Lunch options include soups, chili, pasta, or quick & simple like chips or a drink
  • Enjoy a wide variety of snacks including our chips, bars, cakes & cookies
  • Most items require little to no preparation

Great Option for Both Men & Women

The program is effective for clients of both genders. Your coach will individualize your program based on your own personal needs.

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We Say Yes to Exercise

The Pro Energy weight loss system can be adapted based on your activity level. For long-term health and maintenance, exercise is highly recommended (but not required for results).

Medically approved and recognized program

Pro Energy weight loss clients are medically supervised by a Registered Nurse, a naturopath, and results are monitored weekly by your personal weight loss coach. As a result, this diet is an effective solution for people dealing with a variety of health concerns (including management of Diabetes, stabilization of cholesterol, and can often result in reduction in doses of many medications).

Control Cravings, Feel Energized

Pro Energy weight loss clients report an increased energy level, reduction in energy 'swings' (such as that mid-afternoon lull), a general feeling of well-being, and fewer food cravings. These are natural by-products of eating a low-carb diet, provided you consume enough calories. Your coach will build your daily menu in such a way to ensure you feel good WHILE losing fat!

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